All Of Dave’s Lights… A Kanye West Fan Video

Let me just say two things about this video. 1) I’m proud to say that I was there when this idea was born… After one of Wordspit’s shows in Long Island, we headed back to the car only to find my good friend David J. Hamilton WILDIN’ OUT to Kanye West’s “All Of the Lights”, jumping on top of director Potential’s whip while the song was blasting in his ears. Potential couldn’t help but capture the madness on video, and from there the idea grew to make a full video. 2) Sorry Hype Williams, but I think this video outshines yours – on ZERO BUDGET. I love the creativity of the visuals Dave and Potential came up with, especially the scenes with the ladies adorned with lights. And the shot of Dave on top of Potential’s Jeep? Gorgeous… Kudos to Binta, Emily, Bri, Wordspit, Lawrence and Tony Emcee for their participation!

With that being said, enjoy “All Of Dave’s Lights” – also check out his blog:


One Response to “All Of Dave’s Lights… A Kanye West Fan Video”
  1. Billie S. says:

    I thought the vid was fun….Something Ye’ should have done!!! I must say Dave is a Hilarious!!…I Loved the part when he was on top of the car too! Good work!

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