Honorable Mention in Photo Rob Interview by Brooklyn Bodega!

In my opinion, April was one of NYC photographer Robert Adam Mayer (aka Photo Rob)’s best months ever. First, a documentary was released profiling Photo Rob and his contribution to the NYC hip hop scene. Then last week, he was interviewed by Brooklyn Bodega about the documentary and so much more. I was very surprised to have been mentioned in the interview as one of the photographers on his radar. I’ll never forget the first time Photo Rob put me in front of his camera – it was at a show at the old Knitting Factory in Manhattan, and he said he wanted to be the first to say “I photographed Liz Allen.” During that mini-shoot in front of that familiar beige background, he told me how he had been watching my growth as a photographer and how my eye had become stronger. I was so humbled by his words, especially since Photo Rob is one of my favorite photogs and someone I aspire to be like. I enjoy our “photo tag” sessions at shows and always look forward to checking out how he captured shows and events we both attended.

Photo Rob is a true supporter of the hip hop culture in NYC and if you don’t know about him, you must be under a rock or in a hole. Salute!

Documentary – “Don’t Get Too Close Because You Might Get Shot!”

Brooklyn Bodega Interview (by The Company Man)

For more on Photo Rob: www.robertadammayer.comiamphotorob.blogspot.com | @photorob | Photo Gallery

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