iHeartDilla 2-Year Anniversary @ Sullivan Hall – 6.19.11

I guess it was a little over 2 years ago, in the ladies room at this lounge that used to be called Boucarou, that Jessica Estevez re-introduced herself to me and told me about this site she was creating called iHeartDilla. Fast-forward to today, 2 years later, and that site has become one of the most important destinations of all things dope in hip hop. It is a source of information for upcoming events, new music, interviews, and most importantly, an outlet for talented independent artists to be heard. I’m so proud of Jessica’s journey thus far, and the celebration that went down Sunday at Sullivan Hall was very fitting. Many of NYC’s artists, music lovers, friends and family attended and there were many surprises in store for the audience. From yummy vegan cupcakes courtesy of Amanda Velez, to the unveiling of the new iHeartDilla tee, to Craig G hitting the stage with the Underdogz, to never-before-performed songs from Brokn.Englsh (“Let’s Coast) and Top $ Raz (“Holy Ghost”), to a rare performance by New Rap Order, the venue stayed packed well into the night. Cali group Those Chosen flew in for the occasion, Kalae All Day gave a show-stopping performance with her band, Sleepwalkas gave the crowd a taste of what they might’ve missed at their album release show and O.I.S.D. showed why they’re one of the most talented new artists on the come-up. DJ Jon Blak kept the crowd entertained between sets, and Homeboy Sandman took on the hosting duties. Shouts to everyone who attended a memorable night. Congrats Jess – We Heart Dilla, and we ❤ you!

One Response to “iHeartDilla 2-Year Anniversary @ Sullivan Hall – 6.19.11”
  1. Thank you so much Liz for everything! Muah!

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