Mel D. Cole Presents My Favorite Songs w/Jesse Boykins III @ Ella – 6.20.11

Found out about this over the weekend, and was bummed until I reached out the Mel D. Cole and he told me to come through… I love my colleagues =)

Mel D. Cole presented the first of what he hopes to be a monthly event at Ella called “My Favorite Songs.” The premise is that as a photographer and music lover, Mel wanted to showcase some of his favorite artists in an intimate setting. The first artist in this series was Jesse Boykins III, one of the most talented singers I know. The event was sponsored by Heineken and presented to an audience of no more than 50 people, including equally talented singers Mara Hruby and Chris Turner (if you don’t know about them, make it your business).

Melo-X provided the tunes to entertain the crowd before and after the performance, and turned the event into one big party… Mel D. Cole and Jesse Boykins also gave out prints signed by both of them, as a token of appreciation. Dope!

Check out some photos below, and look out for the next installment coming soon…

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