Some Thoughts on the Haiti Earthquake, 1 Year Later

I can’t tell you where I was or how I heard about the earthquake which occurred in Haiti on Tuesday, January 12, 2010 at 4:53pm. But I do remember listening to 1010 WINS in disbelief. I remember wondering if my many relatives in Haiti were alive. I remember telling my mom when she came home … Continue reading

2010 in Review: Friends…

Over the next few days, I’ll be breaking down 2010 from my perspective: the music I enjoyed, memorable events, favorite photos and my life in general. Today, I wanted to share some photos of myself with friends (that’s YOU!). Although not complete, it’s nice to look back and remember the events and shenanigans associated with … Continue reading

More Than Just the ‘Fro…

2010 was the year that “the girl with the camera and the ‘fro” proved that she can change hairstyles like she changes her [arglyle] socks. My hair has been curly, straight, braided, weaved up, cut, colored and of course afro’d up! Most of the styles you see here are courtesy of Crystal Rose, who is … Continue reading

“Rock for a Fee, Not for Free…”

“Rock for a fee not for free Maybe I’ll do it for charity Now my employer or my employee Is makin Greg N-I-C-E very M-A-D Don’t ever ever think of jerkin me I work too hard for my royalty” These famous words by Greg Nice in “DWYCK” will forever be my mantra. (along with “cut … Continue reading

Lizzy In Philly…

Last month on one of my rare Fridays off work, I decided to hop on a bus and go to Philadelphia. I had been there a month prior with a few of my fellow photographers for a field trip of sorts, and I loved it so much that I went back. I had a wonderful … Continue reading

Blog Love: Definitely Amazing’s Lady of the Week!

While I’m on the subject of shine, I was checking out old blog features and got reacquainted with my interview with @definitelyran of back in April. I was selected as a Lady of the Week as part of his “Photo Dope” series on female photographers. This interview was so huge for me, because it … Continue reading

I’m Famous!

A famous friend that is… Shouts to Tokyo Joe for including me on her blog, Me & My Famous Friends. It’s a reference site…looking for a photog, web designer, stylist, etc? Toyko Joe will be happy to recommend someone to you. I love this idea! If you find me through “Me & My Famous Friends,” … Continue reading

Self Portraits…

  I was recently asked to participate in a short film, and took the opportunity to shoot some flicks for myself while on set. I liked how they came out so much that I posted some to Facebook, and the feedback has been amazing. I did my own eye makeup (shouts to TreZure and Anne … Continue reading

The “Happy Birthday Liz!” Show @ Southpaw – 8.25.10

OK, so that wasn’t the name of the show, but it sure felt like a suitable alternate… Shouts to Fresh Daily for putting together a show that fell on my birthday and featured some of my favorite MC’s! I received so much love that night – thanks to everyone in attendance! Special thanks goes to … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Liz!

So on Aug. 25, I celebrated another year on this earth… This year has been filled with ups and downs, but what I learned was that I’m surrounded by wonderful people (that’s YOU) who love and care about me. Thank you for being there for me when I needed it the most. I noticed that … Continue reading