Honorable Mention in Photo Rob Interview by Brooklyn Bodega!

In my opinion, April was one of NYC photographer Robert Adam Mayer (aka Photo Rob)’s best months ever. First, a documentary was released profiling Photo Rob and his contribution to the NYC hip hop scene. Then last week, he was interviewed by Brooklyn Bodega about the documentary and so much more. I was very surprised … Continue reading

Wonder Woman Spotlight: NattyNight

If you’re an independent hip hop artist and you don’t know who NattyNight is, slap yourself. Right now. One of the most vital contributors to documenting hip hop culture in NYC, NattyNight is an unsung hero. Along with her brother, Donovan Kasp, they record performances of everyone, and I mean EVERYONE (or just about) on … Continue reading

Wonder Woman Spotlight: Marthalicia Matarrita

(photo courtesy of Marthalicia Mataritta via Facebook) I met Marthalicia Mataritta at the beginning of my photography career, when I was shooting this party at Libation every Thursday night. Right as you walked into the spot, there was this area by the bar where painters would set up and do live art the whole night. … Continue reading

Wonder Woman Spotlight: Tasty Keish

(Photo Credit: Joann Gomez – Music Looks Like This) Radio personality. Event hostess with the most-est. Community supporter. And then some. If you don’t know about Tasty Keish, shame on you… Tasty Keish is one of those people whom I remember exactly where I met, and I can’t say that about everyone. I went to … Continue reading

Wonder Woman Spotlight: TreZure Empire

Since March is Women’s History Month, I decided to honor my fellow ladies by highlighting certain of my peers whom I consider Wonder Women of Today. Beauty…talent… smarts… all around AWESOME. These women wear many hats, and I’m so happy to know them and have them in my circle. Look for a new Wonder Woman … Continue reading