Old Spice Swagger Body Wash (Commercial)

I’m already mad that Old Spice has a body wash named “Swagger.” But a suds-covered Ray Lewis riding a giant bird in outer space? Hilarious!

You Don’t Have to Be a Great Photographer to Take Great Photos.

Thus is the argument made by Panasonic in this commercial for the Lumix G2 with Intelligent Auto. What do you think? We could have an entire discussion on the subject, but I just love this commercial because it cracks me up every time I watch it!

Target 2-Day Sale (Commercial)

I just saw this on TV and thought it was hilarious…and not just because I work at Target. LOL I won’t be there at 4am (just a few hours later, actually), but I would expect homegirl to be the first in line on Black Friday. At ALL the stores. Somehow.