Indie Manager Spotlight: David Hamilton

Last month, I did a multi-part series entitled “Indie Manager Spotlight” in which I interviewed several people on the indie scene who are doing some awesome work and were willing to share some insight on their experiences. Well, to start this new year off, I give to you the last of this series, featuring David … Continue reading

Memorial Day 40 Oz. Bounce x Dave’s Birthday x What’s Wrong With the NYPD???

Two things you should know before watching this video: 1. If you know anything about the 40 Oz. Bounce, then you know that the organizers’ only wish is to bring together a bunch of people in the spirit of having a good time out in the open. 2. David Hamilton (aka @imjustdave on Twitter) is … Continue reading

Wordspit – Joystick Madness (Video)

The Virgo in me won’t say much about the fact that the above photo misspells “MADNESS.” LOL Last night, I attended the video release party for “Joystick Madness” by Wordspit. No photos cuz I got there 15 min. before the official end of the party, thanks to having to work and taking 4 trains to … Continue reading

G-Shock Event @ Cipriani – 8.5.09

So I get the call from Andre Clarke to cover the G-Shock “Shock The World 2009” event featuring a performance by Kanye West earlier this week… I didn’t mention it to you guys because honestly, I didn’t much about it. I just knew I was going to be covering the gifting suite, where TTK would … Continue reading