iHeartDilla 2-Year Anniversary @ Sullivan Hall – 6.19.11

I guess it was a little over 2 years ago, in the ladies room at this lounge that used to be called Boucarou, that Jessica Estevez re-introduced herself to me and told me about this site she was creating called iHeartDilla. Fast-forward to today, 2 years later, and that site has become one of the … Continue reading

Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival 2011 Kickoff @ PNC Radio – 4.28.11

A warm spring evening, drinks, food and good folks with the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges in the background – what better way to kickoff the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival? Last week, I was invited to cover this Brooklyn Bodega-sponsored event, where it was announced the Q-Tip would be this year’s headliner, alongside talented artists such … Continue reading

Maurice Kirya – Supermodel (Video – Directed by Naheem Adio Kujenya)

Late last year, I was invited to participate in a short film set to the music of Maurice Kirya, a singer from Uganda. “Supermodel” is directed by my good friend Naheem Adio Kujena (who also directed the CLASSIC “Lightning Bolt, Lightning Rod” by Homeboy Sandman and “Joystick Madness” by WordSpit), and I had a great … Continue reading

HOMEBASE Presents: Live At The Clubhouse Vol. 1 (Download)

New heat from the homies over at HOMEBASE! “HOMEBASE Presents: Live At The Clubhouse Vol. 1” is a 5-track project produced entirely by The Clubhouse and features Recess, Homeboy Sandman, F. Stokes, Blu, Freddie Gibbs and ┬áCoco from Quadron. Check out the video for the lead single, “Fully Equipped” featuring Homeboy Sandman. You can download … Continue reading

The Morpheus Soul Show w/Homeboy Sandman – 1.18.11 (Podcast)

Homeboy Sandman (photo courtesy of Joann Gomez of Music Looks Like This) Big ups to the Morpheus Soul Show in the UK for posting the podcast of their show with Homeboy Sandman from earlier this week! I tried to listen in, but my computer said otherwise =( Homeboy Sandman is currently taking Europe by storm, … Continue reading

Homeboy Sandman – Calm Tornado (Video)

While showing my brother some videos from P. So and Homeboy Sandman, I came across this video by Homeboy Sandman entitled “Calm Tornado.” How come I’ve never seen or heard of this??? Check the cameos by Jinesis, Sleepwalkas, Jose Nova and Jesse Abraham… Shouts to Homeboy Sandman, who’s currently taking over Europe. Safe travels, homie!

Jinesis feat. Homeboy Sandman – “Maestro Madness”

The kid Jinesis (as he likes to call himself) recently collaborated with Homeboy Sandman to created “Maestro Madness.” This collabo has been getting a lot of love on the internets, and I’m really proud of both of these guys. Shouts to HipHopDX.com for posting a photo I took of Jinesis to go along with their … Continue reading

Vote for Homeboy Sandman’s “The Essence” on mtvU!

Now, I don’t usually do this, but wow, this is big news… and I’m so happy for Homeboy Sandman! He’s in the running this week to have his video for “The Essence” (off his debut album The Good Sun) get put into rotation on mtvU! Directed by the ever-so-talented Nicolas Heller and with an all-star … Continue reading

Nicolas Heller x AOK Collective = WIN!

After four videos from Nicolas Heller and various members of the AOK Collective, I’m convinced that they are a match made in heaven. Nicolas has some sort of twisted humor that works on people of any age (have you seen the video for “Thanx” by Fresh Daily?); his latest even had my mom cracking up… … Continue reading

Baked Goods: 2 Hungry Bros x 8THW1 x Sleepwalkas Release Party @ Southpaw – 7.26.10

Last night Southpaw was the place to be. Nuff said! Producers 2 Hungry Bros celebrated 2 projects they’ve recently been working on: “No Room For Dessert” with 8THW1, and “Cookie Cutter Cornballs Can’t Cut It on This CD” (coming very soon). To help them with the festivities were a whole slew of cornerstones in the … Continue reading