Indie Manager Spotlight – Danielle Thornton

Part 4 of our “Indie Manager Spotlight” features Danielle Thornton, who manages Queens MC Eric Sosa. I LOVE her bubbly personality and positive attitude, and it’s obvious upon first meeting her how driven she is to work with her artist. Enjoy… Eric Sosa & Danielle Thornton (courtesy of What made you decide to get … Continue reading

Indie Manager Spotlight – Anshia Tull

Sorry I’m late on continuing this series, so today will be a double-post… Part 3 of our “Indie Manager Spotlight” series is about Anshia Tull (or Ms. Shi Shi, if you’re nasty… LOL), who I met through a mutual friend and currently works with two amazing singers, Kimberly Nichole and Eric Roberson. Name: Anshia “Briclyn” … Continue reading