Hi-Jynx: More than Just Another Starving Artist (Part 2 of 3)

Part 2 of our three-part interview with Queens MC and budding foodie connoisseur Hi-Jynx takes us to Brooklyn, where he talks to us about his favorite grub spot after a long night in the studio. He also sheds some light on the producers he works with and who’s on his wishlist. Enjoy, and bon appetit! … Continue reading

New Music: Hi-Jynx, Tom Chase (St. Joe Louis), R.H. Bless

Seems like I’ve been on a music trip moreso than the photography as of late, but the two go hand in hand for me… Got some new tunes for you – FREE.99! Hi-Jynx – “Music Monday” After several leaks, Hi-Jynx finally released his much-anticipated mixtape, “Music Monday” yesterday (a reference to the weekly trending topic … Continue reading

Hi-Jynx – “Kid Robot”

Queens MC Hi-Jynx blesses us with a final leak before the release of his still-untitled mixtape. Produced by J. Face, “Kid Robot” is a touching track that speaks on domestic violence, an issue that many of us have either experienced or know someone who has. I’ve been listening to this track on repeat since I … Continue reading