Mel D. Cole Presents My Favorite Songs w/Jesse Boykins III @ Ella – 6.20.11

Found out about this over the weekend, and was bummed until I reached out the Mel D. Cole and he told me to come through… I love my colleagues =) Mel D. Cole presented the first of what he hopes to be a monthly event at Ella called “My Favorite Songs.” The premise is that … Continue reading

Diesel Presents Music Teaser Tuesdays feat. Jesse Boykins III – 3.28.11

Tuesday evening, Jesse Boykins III performed for a packed audience at Diesel’s 5th Avenue store. Many of his friends, colleagues and fans came out to support the Grammy-nominated singer in this debut monthly music offering by Diesel. Kudos to Brooke Auston for organizing this great initiative, as well as the Diesel staff for accommodating the attendees! Look … Continue reading

Street Etiquette – “Sartorial Sounds”

sar·to·ri·al [sahr-tawr-ee-uhl, -tohr-] –adjective  1. of or pertaining to tailors or their trade: sartorial workmanship. 2. of or pertaining to clothing or style or manner of dress:sartorial splendor. Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs of men’s style blog Street Etiquette concocted this awesome project called “Sartorial Sounds” which marries their love of style with music, including talented singers, rappers, poets and even tap dancers. The video was initially presented during their Q&A session at the Apple Store in … Continue reading

Jesse Boykins III – Prototype 3010, A Short Film

“Prototype” by Andre 3000 is song I instantly fell in love with the first time I heard it, and Jesse Boykins III’s cover is just as moving. I was pleased to finally see visuals for this song, and the short film entitled “Prototype 3010” is beautiful. Enjoy… “In a time where life is often guided … Continue reading

Melo-X – Cooked Food (Video)

Hilarious visuals for “Cooked Food,” one of my favorite songs off Melo-X’s “More Merch.” Featuring Mustafa and the The Redd Strypes (LOL), the gang prepare for an upcoming show by polishing their moves for the ladies. Enjoy! Poppa Purp as Poppa Purp Lil’ Friday as Cooley Brown Vladimir as Uncle Vic MeLo-X as Mustafa Shot by … Continue reading

Jesse Boykins III & Emily King @ 92Y Tribeca – 2.4.11

I haven’t seen Jesse Boykins III nor Emily King perform in AGES, so it was a special treat to check out their show last Friday at 92Y Tribeca. Nothing but good music and an intimate vibe…much needed after a hectic week! Jesse Boykins III: | @jb3music Emily King: | @emilykingmusic

Melo-X – “Gone Baby”/”More Merch” (Video/Download)

Finally checked out Melo-X‘s video for “Gone Baby” off his latest project, “More Merch”… directed by Jesse Boykins III (pleasantly surprised!) and co-starring the lovely FolaSade (who I met recently but just learned was the beauty featured on the artwork of Melo’s 2008 release “Mustafa’s Renaissance – small world!), the video revisits their encounter as … Continue reading

YahZarah – “Why Dontcha Call Me No More” (Video)

Here’s the video for “Why Dontcha Call Me No More,” the first single off YahZarah‘s new album, “The Ballad of Purple Saint James.” Featuring hilarious cameos from Foreign Exchange fam Phonte and Nicolay, as well as Raye 6 and Jesse Boykins III…this video is awesome from jump JUST for the nod to the classic “JEM” … Continue reading

Cocoa Sarai “Half Past 7” Album Release Party @ Taj Lounge – 3.4.10

Thursday night, I attended two album release parties, the first of which was Cocoa Sarai’s release party for “Half Past 7.” It was held at Taj Lounge in midtown Manhattan (read: DRESS CODE x mandatory coat check. Ugh.) – So Liz threw on the high-heeled boots and some makeup and made like in Rome… I’ll … Continue reading

Jesse Boykins III – Shine (Video)

Check out the video for “Shine”, off Jesse Boykins III’s latest release, “The Beauty Created.” Directed by Dr. Woo, this feel-good video follows Jesse on a summer day, complete with jump ropes, sprinklers and stoops… I highly recommend you pick up “The Beauty Created” (on iTunes or in hard copy form), and check out his … Continue reading