Nicolas Heller x AOK Collective = WIN!

After four videos from Nicolas Heller and various members of the AOK Collective, I’m convinced that they are a match made in heaven. Nicolas has some sort of twisted humor that works on people of any age (have you seen the video for “Thanx” by Fresh Daily?); his latest even had my mom cracking up… … Continue reading

Fresh Daily – “Feel M E” (Video)

Check out the video for the second cut off Fresh Daily‘s latest offering “Mothership/Land.” Directed by Nicolas Heller (who also directed Fresh’s last video, “Thanx”), I hear this was done all in one take. Dope! Shouts to P. So, Shankar, Deep of 2 Hungry Bros, Margie Medley, Nick Perez and Nicolas Heller for a job … Continue reading

Fresh Daily – Apollo 13 (Video)

Yes, I know what you’re thinking: “Another video?” Didn’t he just drop one? Respect his grind! “Apollo 13” is a cut off “Tomorrow Is Today” by Fresh Daily, and is a song near and dear to my heart… Why? Cuz he referenced me in it! I’ll never forget the day it dropped and I heard … Continue reading