Raye 6 – “Universal Lover” (Video)

I’m still perplexed at how the remix video dropped before the original… but no matter. Raye 6, fresh off her debut trip to Japan presents “Universal Lover”! Yes… you too, can be a Raye 6 groupie… LOL Can’t get enough of Raye 6? Peep the links: http://www.raye6.net http://www.psychologically6.blogspot.com http://www.welcometouniverse6.tumblr.com http://www.youtube.com/thehatersoflove http://www.reverbnation.com/raye6

Raye 6 “Universal Lover” Video Release Party @ Madame X – 7.14.10

I recently attended the release party for Raye 6’s debut video, “Universal Lover x2: Dirtayyy Remix” at Madame X. The event was held in a room I’d never been in – ultra sexy! Fitting for the sexy beast that is Raye 6… Complete with beautiful people, pole dancers, glitter, lollipops, and a guy rolled up … Continue reading